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Business card vs Billboard

I have had the privilege of printing tens of thousands of business cards for many, many people over the course of my 20+ years in printing and I find myself always talking to people about the same things when comes to their cards.  HOW MUCH INFO DOES A BUSINESS CARD NEED?
The way I look at a business card may be different then you, but I think it should only have enough information for a customer to be able to get in contact with me, that’s it.  I do not think it’s a bill board that shows everything I can do for someone, I do not think the card will sell my product for me……that’s my job!  
I also do not think someone wants to read a “book” when they look at my card, I like it to stand out (usually with the stock, the colors or a tag line) but not have enough info on them that the person needs a magnifying glass to read them.
Remember:  Less is more…enough to remember you but not enough to pre-judge what you can do.

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