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Moving can be a difficult situation for most people, having to find a place to move too, pack all of your “stuff” (even the stuff you are not sure you should keep).  Then you have to set a date and time and get all of your friends together to lug all your stuff to your location (don’t forget the pizza a beer for payment)!  That is when you hope no one breaks anything, your stuff or any bones, until it gets set down carefully in your new location.  
I always thought moving would be fun, I have only moved a couple times and it has been from my parent’s house too an apartment and then to my first house, so I am unsure how much fun it really is.  

Then I was involved in moving an entire printing company!!  

There are some big differences in moving your personal stuff and a printing company, when you are moving your own stuff you can throw things away without asking numerous people or without being told the pros and cons of throwing something way.  Also when you are moving a printing company there are a lot of stuff!!!  Think of all the types of paper, all the colors, all the weights……….. and that is just the paper.
The hardest part was the timing, we were renovating a new location, changing it from a building with many walls and cubicles to a new production facility with a wide open floor plan.  From the demolition, (which never goes as planned), to the office being built, to some of cubicles going back to together AND through in the fact that we had 3 new machines being installed before anything could be moved in!!  

The nice part is we hired a company to move all the big machine, the presses, cutters, and folding machines, the hard part is that is all we could hire people to move!