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CASE STUDY: CRBRA - Parade of Homes

Partnership and Service Set Camelot Print and Copy Centers Apart

Pulling off the Capital Region Parade of Homes is no easy feat.  Just ask Pam Krison, Executive Officer of Capital Region Builders & Remodelers Association.
The marketing process for the event has many layers, from involving builders to securing event sponsors to promoting attendance; there are so many moving parts.  Plus there are a wide variety of stakeholders to please and multiple levels of marketing exposure to deliver for everyone involved.

“There is quite a critical path,” says Pam about her challenges.  “A large number of deliverables need to come together exactly on time and as expected to keep things moving forward.” 
That is why Pam’s relationship with Camelot Print and Copy Centers is so critical.

Responsive Partnership

Attendance at the Capital Region Parade of Homes is growing annually.  They fostered a 25% increase this year alone.  For this, and many other reasons, Pam needs reliable partners year after year so she can remain focused on her goals. The number one reason Pam chose Camelot Print and Copy Centers is because of their level of responsiveness.

“They are always just a phone call away and feel like true partners.  We are more than just a customer to them.  They help us achieve success and look out for us throughout the project,”  says Pam.  “They call themselves Team Camelot and it is more than a gimmick.  They truly function like a part of our team.”

Quality and Service

“I know that Camelot is going to deliver excellent quality on time, every time.  In fact they will deliver down to the minute if requested.  That’s very important when our team is literally moving in lots of different directions.  We need to be there to accept delivery and tend to be very specific with our expectations.  They meet them every time.”